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We help banks in the AML compliance process with our AML solutions!

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Customer Onboarding Process in Compliance

The Sanction Scanner database contains more than 3000 sanction lists, PEP lists, and adverse media data. Banks can scan their customers in seconds during the customer onboarding process using our AML Screening Software via the web or API.


Reduce False Positives and Manual Screening

You can reduce false positives with our enhanced analytics algorithm and searching capabilities. You can see the risks customers bring, Sanctions, PEPs lists, and watchlists on one page and create reports. You can also create your safelists, localists, blacklists, special dynamic rules, and scenarios to prevent false alarms using our Transaction Monitoring Software.

Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Solutions

Perform AML Screening in real-time and global coverage AML Data





15 min



Transaction Monitoring Software for Banks

Sanction Scanner provides enhanced AML Transaction Monitoring Software. AML Transaction Monitoring Software provides end-to-end features that enable banks to meet their AML & CFT obligations. Enjoy your powered and accelerated compliance process with dynamic rules and scenarios, an advanced sandbox test environment, real-time alarms, and risk-based scorecard features.


Effortless Integration and Customized Support for Your Team

Sanction Scanner can work with APIs and Web Screens. Integrating with Sanction Scanner is very easy. We have a very detailed Restful API document and many integration options. The integration specialist of Sanction Scanner will help your business if you have trouble integrating API to your project.