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full data coverage

Sanctions and Watchlist Data

Structured real-time sanction data

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PEP Data

PEP Data

Categorized PEP data

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Dynamic Rules and Scenarios

Dynamic Rules and Scenarios

Create rules specific to your risk level

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People use crypto exchanges to deposit and store their money. Thus, Crypto exchanges have to implement AML rules and controls like other financial institutions. The powerful API support of Sanction Scanner automates the AML compliance processes of crypto exchanges.


Reduce False Positives from Onboarding to Trading

Your customer might hesitate when their registration process or transactions stop for eligibility during short trading. Sanction Scanner's powerful and flexible APIs reduce false positives and manual operations so you can give a smooth experience to your customers. You can give a smooth experience to your customers with Sanction Scanner's powerful and flexible APIs.

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Get Ready for AML Regulations Today

Countries started to take action to protect the crypto market from financial crimes. The crypto companies face challenges more than ever with the new laws. They have to implement some of the rules other financial institutions have for years.


AML Screening Software for Crypto Industry

Organizations in the crypto industry must fulfill their AML and KYC obligations during account opening for their customers. Businesses can scan their customers in more than two hundred countries' sanctions, PEP, and Adverse Media data to avoid AML penalties using our AML Screening Software.