AML Compliance Officers

Sanction Scanner provides automated AML software service for AML Compliance Officers and Professionals.

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AML Compliance Officers are team members who manage their companies' anti-money laundering processes. They are responsible for tasks such as determining customers' risk levels, complying with anti-money laundering laws, following regulations, and detecting/reporting suspicious transactions.





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Streamline AML Compliance Processes

Sanction Scanner provides compliance software service for AML Compliance Officers. Many features such as Customer Onboarding and Monitoring, PEP and Sanction Screening, Know Your Customer and Customer Due Diligence, Automated Daily Ongoing Monitoring ensure that your company complies with regulations and prepares anti-money laundering operations.

How Sanction Scanner Helps?

Here are a few reasons why Compliance Officers Professional choose Sanction Scanner


Easy Usage, Easy Integrate

Anti-Money Laundering operations are no more complicated with the power of techhnology. Easy to integrate, easy to use! Compliance programs can be easily managed through advanced dashboards.

Full Data Coverage

Sanction Scanner provides a database of more than 3000 different sanctions, PEP, wanted and watched lists from over 220 countries. In addition, you can automate your company's sanction lists control and classify according to risk levels.

  • United Nations Sanctions (UN)
  • US Consolidated Sanctions
  • OFAC — Specially Designated Nationals (SDN)
  • Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (Canada)
  • Department of State, Nonproliferation Sanctions (US
  • EU Financial Sanctions
  • UK Financial Sanctions (HMT)
  • Her Majesty’s (HM) Treasury List and 1000+ different government lists

Powerful API

Restful API allows projects to be flexible integrated, managed and interacted with. Sanction Scanner API has been powered by webhook. With Webhook you can provide two-way data transfer between Sanction Scanner and your own project.

  • In hours integration, fast and easy integration
  • 250ms average call response time
  • 99.95+% uptime

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