AML Solutions For Fintech Companies

We help Fintech Companies in the AML compliance process with our next-generation AML solutions!

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We bring solutions that will make it easier for our customers to comply with AML Regulations.

full data coverage

Sanctions and Watchlist Data

Structured real-time sanction data

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PEP Data

PEP Data

Categorized PEP data

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Dynamic Rules and Scenarios

Dynamic Rules and Scenarios

Create rules specific to your risk level

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Customer Onboarding Process

FinTech companies must implement KYC and CDD procedures during the customer onboarding process. AML Name Screening Software helps financial technology companies perform traditional and digital customer onboarding in seconds. Discover our global comprehensive and real-time AML, PEP, and Adverse Media data for your AML controls.


The Importance of Integration

FinTech mainly focuses on integration with other banks, third parties, and service providers. Therefore, painless and easy integration is essential for them. They have to automate Know Your Customer and Customer Onboarding processes, transactions and minimize manual workload. Sanction Scanner’s flexible and robust APIs strong FinTech’s Anti-Money Laundering requirements. The integration is super easy, and our rich API enables easy integration with your project workflow.

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Transaction Screening Software for FinTech

FinTech companies that provide money transfer and payment services have to control the sender and the receiver in transactions to avoid sanction violations. Sanction Scanner's global comprehensive database contains sanction and PEP data from more than two hundred countries. FinTech companies can control the transaction they mediate automatically within seconds and prevent sanction violations using our products.

Transaction Monitoring Software for FinTech Companies

FinTech companies focus on flawless customer experience. That's why they need to automate the process of Monitoring to avoid delays in customer transactions. AML Transaction Monitoring tool provides end-to-end solutions to meet the need of FinTech companies of all sizes during their transaction monitoring process.